To tame a creature first you must find out what creature type it is then use that creature type to find out what treat to use on the creature you want to tame below are the tameable creatures.

All mountable creatures have to be tamed first before you are able to mount them. you can do this by feeding them the appropriate treat you can find the appropriate treat on the creatures types section of the creatures page here. Mounts can wear armor, a saddle, and can even carry inventory expansion in form of chests.

Soulbinding pets allows a pet to be spawned and despawned at will wherever you are. To soulbind a pet, you must use a soulstone on it by right-clicking. Creatures sourced from a creature type-specific soulstone (like the Arthropod Soulstone for example) will spawn in already soulbound.

To level up a tamed creature, first figure out what element it is. A creature's elements can be viewed in the beastiary. Then, charges which match at least one of the creature's elements must be fed to the creature by right-clicking. For example, an order pet like a Roc requires an order charge. The only charge that exists for this element is the Arcane Laser Storm charge, which drops from Beholders. You can search for charges with a certain element by going to the element page or searching for an element in JEI or a similar mod.

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