This is the Menu that you navigate to summon, dismiss, and call upon pets, mounts, and summonables.

Mod version & Latest changes are found here.


To learn about the different Creature types go here: Creature Types

To learn how to Tame go here, each creature has a certain type of treat it enjoys: Treats

Pets, Mounts & Summons has advanced behaviour control GUI where it will grant their owner protection against certain effects when close. The default keys are sneak (shift) + use (right-click) on the mob.

They can gain experience by being “fed” their element's charge by holding it & clicking the use (right-click) key.

To mount a mob you need to put a saddle on it from its inventory after taming it with Treats. Mounts offer unique mount abilities (use the Mount Ability button, X by default). To dismount press the Dismount Button (C by default) as sneaking (shift) is used for flying or swimming down on a mount

Familiars are special versions of creatures for patreons that can be pets or summonables.

To learn about the Elements go here: Elements

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