Editing This Wiki

There is a lot of data that needs to be added to this wiki as it is brand new, so any help is very welcome!

First make an account, once complete request to be added as a moderator via the Lycanites Mobs Discord Server, a lot of trust is being put out there for this, but the wiki also has backups in case anyone does go rouge.

To add a page, simply navigate to it's url, for example the Grue is https://wiki.lycanitesmobs.com/creatures:grue, if the page exists the page will load and will be editable, if it does not you can start the page off but clicking the edit button to the right side.

Please use namespaces, for example in creatures:grue the namespace is creatures so all creature pages should be creatures:creaturename. Subspecies should all be included on the one creature page.

Tags should be set at the top of a creature page, see the Grue page for an example. Tags allow for other pages to automatically list other pages. For example, the creature tag is used to display a list of creatures on the Creatures page. Try to only include tags you've seen used on other pages don't make up new ones.

Creature Tags

  • Always include: creature
  • The Creature's Type, ex: elemental
  • If it can be summoned: summonable
  • If it can be tamed: tameable
  • If it can be mounted: mountable
  • If it can perch on a player's shoulder: perchable
  • If it is an Elemental: fusion
  • If it is a boss: boss
  • if it has a diet, ex: herbivore

Once a page is added you can setup redirects, for example the url: https://wiki.lycanitesmobs.com/grue (missing a namespace) redirects to: https://wiki.lycanitesmobs.com/creatures:grue (with the namespace). To create a redirect goto the url you want to redirect from (https://wiki.lycanitesmobs.com/grue) and then start creating a new page but only set ~~REDIRECT>namespace:page~~ as the page content, this will make this a redirect page. So for example, the page https://wiki.lycanitesmobs.com/grue has ~~REDIRECT>creatures:grue~~ as it's only content which makes it send people from /grue to /creatures:grue.

You can find a link to the latest mod English language file here use this to quickly copy any Beastiary entry data.

When adding a new page such as a creature page, please refer to example page in order to copy the formatting, you can even edit the existing page, copy everything and then paste it into the new page and replace the content. For creature pages use https://wiki.lycanitesmobs.com/creatures:grue as a template.

This wiki is powered by DokuWiki, so search for help on DokuWiki if you're unsure of anything or ask in the Lycanites Mobs Discord Server.

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