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Asmodeus is known to be the mastermind behind any form of demonic invasion, sometimes even Rahovart falls in line.

Category: Aberration

Health: 4000

Defense: 2.0

Speed: 32.0

Melee Damage: 4.0

Melee Pierce: 2.0

Melee Effect: 5.0s 0.0x

Summoning Cost: 4

No known diet.

This great demon, or devil, has a wide array of attacks and is capable of jumping great heights with it's demonic mech. It will use it's huge Gatling Gun periodically to barrage targets and is also swarming with Trites that will defend it.

  • Phase 1: Asmodeus will release rings of projectiles outwards.
  • Phase 2: Asmodeus will summon large Astaroths that will project a shield around him until they are destroyed.
  • Phase 3: The Astaroth will instead heal Asmodeus and Cacodemons are also summoned.

It is said that Asmodeus originate from the vast Hell Planes of endless flesh called Purgatory and that they were originally powerful Astaroth meaning that once in their existence they were but mere Trites!

Asmodeus' currently have 2 Uncommon Variants:

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