Armor (Not Yet Implemented)

Armor will start with 4 different Base Parts:Helms, chest, waist, boots

Helms, Crowns, Chests, Shoulders, Waists, Legs, Boots, and Toecaps will have protective stats, grant buffs, and guardians.


Helm Base that adds a Crown Slot and sometimes a Jewel Slot

Chest Base that adds two Shoulder Slots, two Gauntlet Slots, and sometimes a Jewel Slot on the back

Waist Base that adds two Leg Slots

Boots Base that adds two Toecap Slots

Helm Jewels: Fire projectiles from the front like weapons.

Chest Jewels: Fire projectiles from the back.

Guardians: (like minions but bound to the armor, controls for each Guardian will be made available in the beastiary pets tab and will be linked by a random UUID given to the equipment part, so moving that part into a new piece of equipment will still keep it's guardian behavior settings).


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