The main focus of Lycanite's Mobs is adding new creatures or 'mobs' to the game. Each creature also has one or more element that also affect its abilities.

It is important to know that certain mini-bosses aren't tameable mobs, unlike their normal counterpart.

All creatures have 2 Uncommon variants, with a few having Rare variants or even Environmental Subspecies! Click here for more information.

Some creatures can be breed and lured to pens, though be careful not to be their next meal. Click here for more information.

Creature types is different from Element. It is a group or family of mobs with shared characteristics and compatible with the type of treats. See Domestication:

The follow creature types are planned for future updates:

Where types categorize creatures be their physical appearance, groups determine how a creature behaves. Unlike types, a creature can be in multiple groups. Available groups are:

Removed or Replaced creatures in the newer updates. This status may be temporary.

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