Technical Info

  • /lm spawners debug (name)
  • /lm creatures reload
  • /lm spawners reload
  • /lm mobevent start (name)
  • /lm dungeons locate
  • /lm beastiary complete
  • /lm beastiary complete {rank} (1.16.5+)
  • /summon lycanitesmobs:(creaturename) ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:“”, Subspecies:“”, Variant:“”, MobLevel:“”, Size:“.”, NoAi:1}


Lycanites Mobs offers a huge amount of customisation in the form of many config files. Please use the top menu to navigate to specific sections.

When editing JSON files, make sure you change “loadDefault” setting that JSON file to false, otherwise the JSON file will keep resetting to default! Invalid JSON will also cause a JSON file to reset (or be ignored if it's a custom added file). Also make sure that you are familiar with how JSON formatting works.

If you're looking for a specific setting here's how to find it:

  • Is it related to spawning? You can create custom spawners by looking at this.
  • Is it specific to a single mob? Check the mob's creature JSON file. An example here.
  • Is it related to multiple mobs? Check the mobs' spawner JSON files. An example here.
  • Is it related to vanilla mobs? Some mob groups remove vanilla spawns from certain biomes such as skeletons not spawning in deserts, this can be turned off in each of the group spawn cfg files.
  • Is it related to a specific mob ability? Check the mob's group general cfg config file. This will later be moved to the mobs creature JSON file as the cfg files are phased out.
  • Is it related to a global feature? Check the main lycanitesmobs-general.cfg config.
  • Mobs and Spawners have a many-to-many relationship. This means that mobs can list the spawners they use to spawn with but also spawners can list mobs that they should spawn, so if a mob has no spawners set, it could still be spawned if a spawner has a list of mobs set instead. (Example: Cinders spawn from the fire spawner, to disable Cinders from spawning all together, edit their creature JSON file; to prevent them or any mob from spawning from fire, edit the fire spawner JSON file instead).
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