Events that will trigger at default about every 2 hours and randomly spawn a large amount of a certain small list of mobs for a limited time around a server they will despawn after a short time.

The arachnids have come out to play with their dinner and you are the one who is on the menu!

In tribute of JonBam's Twitch Live Stream! Lots of mischeivous mobs spawn during this event.

A dark curse has been unleashed bringing forth foul Ghoul Zombies, awakening ancient

Crypt Zombies and luring vicious Geists!

The Clink have started their great hunt! Now no place will be free of their deadly ranged blade attacks!

The element of rock grow furious towards those who harm the ground as the Geonachs rise to smash and pound!

The element of fire fills the air as Cinders burst into the world everywhere! Stops rain and storms.

Here be Dragons! Take cover lest ye be devoured by the winged beasts!

The fiery bowels of the planet have roared a mighty roar unleashing Cherufe (Lobbers) and Volcans onto the surface!

Hell grows impatient as it fires Nether Souls at those it wishes to destroy!

A noble event, celebrated by desert tribes, feared by the rest of the world! During this rare season, Gorgomites can be found everywhere and they are very dangerous!

A swarm of smelly Conba have come and their goal is to throw poop at everything, especially you! What a stink!

The apex predators are on the prowl, they're hungry and you sure do look delicious!

Raptors of all kinds have left their homes for the great raptor hunt! Oh, and you are the prey!

Deadly reptiles are roaming everywhere! It's scaly and scandalous!

The spirits of the forest grow disquiet, they exclaim “Leave our forest or riot”!

A deadly flock of Raiko fly far over land and sea in search of a new home, unfortunately for you this is when they become very hungry.

A sudden darkness falls as foul shadow creatures pour into the world!

Once every so often, the great Roa sharks generate massive whirlpools and take to the skies for migration over land!

The hottest of areas turn icy cold as the Reivers come out fierce and bold!

A vile swarm of Vespid are competing with each other for a new home! Watch out for Infected Conba too!

The ultimate storm ruled by Jengu and Zephyrs! Starts a rain storm.

A mighty flock of Rocs are migrating, this is their prime hunting time!

On rare occasions, Remobra leave their swampy homes to explore the world, when doing so they are very hostile!

A sudden winter has taken over bringing forth the dreaded cold Beasts!
This event is normally activated by the Rahovart Boss Altar. Rahovart is called from the deepest chasms of the nether to reign death and destruction! First a large demonic arena is built, followed by a pillar of Hellfire in the center of the arena and violent eruptions in the sky… Then, Rahovart appears ready to bring about the apocalypse!

This event is normally activated by the Asmodeus Boss Altar. Asmodeus is summoned from the darkest corners of hell. First a grand arena is built with tall pillars that surround a large open area where a beam of hellfire surrounded by violent explosions will form! Once the arena is ready, Asmodeus will emerge, ready to obliterate everything and begin an invasion from hell!

This event is normally activated by the Amalgalich Boss Altar. An Amalgalich is called from the darkest reaches of the world, this twisted abomination will seek to devour everything whole in order to further build upon it's wretched mass! This will build a large arena which can be very destructive so summon this boss far from home!

It's always trick and never a treat! Evil Halloween mobs are coming to get you!

Your head roasting on a cinder fire… Lobbers burning off your nose… Afrit beasts trying to set you ablaze… And the Arix will freeze you 'til you're stone!

Rudolph the bloodstained Jabberwock… Has wicked and vicious claws… And if you don't run right now… You'll spend Christmas in his jaws!

Oh, Salty Tree… Oh, Salty Tree.. How lovely is your… Rekd!

You better watch out… You better not cry… If you make a sound… He'll skin you alive… Satan Claws is coming… To kill!

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