There are 3 different methods for summoning in this Mod: using a Summoning equipment or stave (old ver.), using a Summoning Pedestal, or using a Summoning Altar. Each has its purpose and use within the Mod. Note that you need Rank 2 Knowledge of the creature to be able to summon as well as tame them.
Summoning pets or mounts requires Spirit “Spirit.” When a mob is summoned, the cost will be paid Summon cost by the spirit bar being used Spirit used & will be in an unusable state until the creature dies or are unsummoned. If you have unused spirits, you can summon multiple creatures that satisfy the “Summoning spirit cost.” The indication bar for this is found in the pet tab.

Summoning minions requires Focus “Focus.” Unlike spirit, focus constantly regenerates, which allows you to summon more minions as long as the focus for “Summoning focus cost” is available. The indication bar for this is on the top of your food bar.

Summoning Equipment

There is currently only 1 equipment piece for summoning, the Spriggan Heart
Summoning Pedestals create a portal above them and constantly summon minions when fueled with Redstone Dust or Block of Redstone. These can be player-owned or unowned. Pedestals you own will be green, pedestals other players hold will be blue, and pedestals owned by no one will be red. Red pedestals will summon wild minions that will likely be very hostile and dangerous! Players can also set their pedestals to PVP and Aggressive, where the spawned minions will attack other players! Summoning Pedestals can be placed to summon anything that a Summoning Staff can.

Some mobs can be summoned using fusion, where you summon two mobs, and they fuse into another. You can view the fusing combination for the mob on its creature page under Elemental Fusion.
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