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As the lord of the Underworld, Rahovart's name alone strikes fear and terror into the hearts of even the most evil of beings.

Category: Demon

Health: 4000

Defense: 2.0

Speed: 32.0

Melee Damage: 4.0

Melee Pierce: 2.0

Melee Effect: 5.0s 0.0x

Summoning Cost: 4

No known diet.

Rahovart is a powerful demon that attacks with a powerful Hellfire Cannon.

  • Phase 1: Rahovart summons Belphs, overtime these Belphs become empowered and eventually explode giving Rahovart a Hellfire Orb. With 5 orbs, Rahovart will unleash a large wave of hellfire that causes great damage and burns away any good effects, it is important to kill the Belphs to reduce how much this happens.
  • Phase 2: Rahovart continues to summon Belphs but no longer empowers them instead he also summons Behemoth that get empowered, these will give him the orbs instead, at 5 orbs Rahovart will create a giant Hellfire Wall that rotates around him, this deals damage and removes effect like wave but lasts longer so kill the Behemoths as quickly as possible.
  • Phase 3: Rahovart will now create orbs on his own and will create Hellfire Barriers, these don't move but will eventually take over the area around Rahovart, however killing his minions will remove these barriers so if there are too many, kill the Belphs and Behemoth to lower the barriers.

It is said that Rahovart is a very old and powerful Behemoth that originates from the Underworld a vast plane of Hell.

Rahovarts currently have 2 Uncommon Variants:

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