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Rocs fly high above the plains, they hunt small prey and players. Rocs will pick up their target with their tail claws up into the sky! Rocs have also learned that they can safely pickup Creepers in order to use them as bombs, beware!

Category: Avian

Health: 10

Defense: 0

Speed: 42

Melee Damage: 2

Melee Pierce: 1

Melee Effect: 5s

Summoning Cost: 8

Element: Order

BagSize: 5

Rocs have strange tails that act as giant claws, they use these to pickup their victims. Rocs are only hostile at night or in the dark however.

These birds usually fly over plains and savannas at night.

Rocs currently have 2 Variants:

Can be tamed using avian treats and healed with any cooked meat.

Once tamed and equipped with a saddle, Rocs can be very useful flying mounts. Their mount ability allows you to have them pickup other creatures, additionally Creepers wont explode when doing this and will be ignited once dropped.

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