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Law enforcing Order Elementals that usually manifest in built up locations such as Villages, it seems the developing society of a village resonates with these Order Elementals, so you best not disrupt it while they're around!

Category: Elemental

Health: 20

Defense: 3

Speed: 24

Melee Damage: 1

Melee Pierce: 1

Melee Effect: 5

Summoning Cost: 2

Experience: 10

Element: Order

No known Diet.

Aegis have two modes that they shift between, a defensive Shield mode where they block most damage with two large rotating shields and an offensive sword mode where they will shred through their target with four spinning blades.

Being Order Elementals, Aegis manifest in areas rich in the Order element, thus villages very commonly create these creatures.


  • Savanna Village
  • Tundra Village
  • Plains Village
  • Taiga Village
  • Desert Village

Aegis currently have 2 Uncommon Variants:

This creature can be summoned as a temporary minion by using a Soulgazer to add it to your Beastiary and then using a Summoning Staff or using a Spriggan Heart or Summoning Pedestal to summon it.

  • They used to attack if a player takes items from any chest. Even if it was placed by them or other players.

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