These creatures are living manifestations of the raw elements themselves. Base Elementals can also fuse into Para Elementals. These creatures spawn from their element in its raw form such as Cinders from fire, Jengus from water or Zephyrs from storms.

The six Base Elementals (Aegis, Argus, Cinder, Djinn, Geonach, and Jengu) can fuse with each other to form Para Elementals (the rest). This usually happens when two Base Elementals are near each other, or in specially cases (for example, pushing a Geonach into lava makes a Volcan, suffocating a Cinder also makes a Volcan). a list of fusion combinations can be found below.

Aegis + Argus = Spectre

Aegis + Cinder = Wisp

Aegis + Djinn = Sylph

Aegis + Geonach = Vapula

Aegis + Jengu = Nymph

Argus + Cinder = Grue

Argus + Djinn = Wraith

Argus + Geonach = Tremor

Argus + Jengu = Eechetik

Cinder + Djinn = Zephyr

Cinder + Geonach = Volcan

Cinder + Jengu = Xaphan

Djinn + Geonach = Banshee

Djinn + Jengu = Reiver

Geonach + Jengu = Spriggan

Most Elementals can be summoned, though they can be made by summoning the respective two Base Elementals.

Elementals are untamable by default, but an Elemental Treat exists in-game, though it is uncraftable nor usable.

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