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Whimsical Fae Elementals bursting with healing energy that heals all around them. They have a fondness for flowers! While harmless directly, they can cause mischief when scared. Nymphs like to hang around bright flowers.

Category: Elemental

Health: 15

Defense: 0

Speed: 28

Melee Damage: 1

Melee Pierce: 0

Melee Effect: 20s

Summoning Cost: 4

Element: Fae

No known Diet

Nymphs are peaceful and will heal anything around them, this can be harmful to undead. if hit, Nymphs will flee firing flowers with sharp thorns that inflict bleed.

Being Fae Elementals, Nymphs manifest around sources of life and as such manifest around flowers in sunlight.

Nymphs currently have 2 Uncommon Variants:

This creature can be summoned as a temporary minion by using a Soulgazer to add it to your Beastiary and then using a Summoning Staff or using a Spriggan Heart or Summoning Pedestal to summon through Elemental Fusion.

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