Apollyon (Archvile)

Beastiary Entry

Malicious demons that rule of areas of the nether, Archviles enjoy the smell of their victim's burning flesh and enjoy watching other demons tear their victims apart!

Category: Demon

Health: 40

Defense: 0

Speed: 32

Melee Damage: 1

Melee Pierce: 1

Melee Effect: 5s

Summoning Cost: 4

Element: Nether, Fire

Archviles prefer to avoid combat themselves, instead they will strengthen any nearby demons and they will slowly engulf their target in flames.

These demons can be found in the nether and will also invade through unprotected portals.


  • The Nether

Archviles currently have 2 Uncommon Variants and 1 Rare Variant:

Royal Archviles have studied demonic Runes, and as such, have used these runes on their own bodies to empower themselves to a greater control of demonic magic.

An Altar with a Diamond Block core with only an obsidian body in a shape that vaguely resembles an Archvile. Upon activation with a soulkey a hostile Royal Archvile is summoned.

  • No special drops as of yet.

This creature can be summoned as a temporary minion by using a Soulgazer to add it to your Beastiary and then using a Summoning Staff or using a Spriggan Heart or Summoning Pedestal to summon it.

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