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Vicious cyclopsian bats with deadly fangs. They like to hunt down Gorgomites and other small prey, including you!

Category: Beast

Health: 20

Defense: 0

Speed: 32

Melee Damage: 3

Melee Pierce: 1

Melee Effect: 5s

Summoning Cost: 2

Element: Shadow, Fae

A Balayang's bite will leave you bleeding with poor eye sight!

Balayangs fly around the desert and mesa skies at night.

Balayangs currently have 2 Uncommon Variants:

Can be tamed using Beast treats.

This creature can be summoned as a temporary minion by using a Soulgazer to add it to your Beastiary and then using a Summoning Staff or using a Spriggan Heart or Summoning Pedestal to summon it.

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