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Giant death bats composed of shadow and stolen blood! Epions spit blood leech projectiles at their victims, draining health. When in direct contact with the sun, Epions will explode to death! Epions can be found during a full moon or in the dark roofed forest!

Category: Beast

Health: 15

Defense: 0

Speed: 32

Melee Damage: 2

Melee Pierce: 1

Melee Effect: 5s

Summoning Cost: 6

Element: Void

BagSize: 5

Epions spit Bloodleeches at their victims, draining health on hit.

These bats come out at night during a full moon or in the dark roofed forest! sometimes found lurking in the end.

  • During a fullmoon :
    • Plains
    • Forests
    • Savannah
    • Mesa
  • Not often, in Dark Forests
  • Rarely, in The End.

Epions currently have 3 Uncommon Variants.

An Altar with a Diamond Block core with only an obsidian body in a shape that vaguely resembles a heart. Upon activation with a soulkey a hostile Crimson Epion is summoned.

Can be tamed using beast treats and healed with meat.

Once tamed and equipped with a saddle, Epions become incredibly agile flying mounts with faster strafing speed compared to other mounts. Their mount ability rapidly fires blood leeches which heal both themselves and their rider when dealing damage, great for sustained aerial combat.

  • While they're weak in terms of Health, Epions have the fastest attack speed when used as an ability.
  • Vampire Bats Epions can be seen during Halloween Events.
  • Nametagging an Epion “Vampire Bat” will showcase the skin, but will increase the difficulty to tame it and will increase his follow range. It is recommended to tame it before naming it.
  • Epions come from the “Desmodontinae”, a real life blood-sucking bat. This particular bat also dies if the sun is around. Although tamed “Desmodontinae” doesn't die in the sun or are often covered by their wildlife rangers.
  • Epions could also come from Vampires, also weak to the sun and blood-sucking men that can transform into bats.

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