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Large herbivores that are usually peaceful, they can be easily farmed, if you have a pen big enough! Alpha Makas can be a little temperamental at times and will sometimes attack people who get too close. Alpha Makas will occasionally spar with each other too, usually until one of them gets too tired, they don't normally kill each other. Alpha Makas will also protect their herd from predators.

Category: Beast

Health: 20;30

Defense: 0

Speed: 28

Melee Damage: 2;4

Melee Pierce: 1

Melee Effect: 5s

Summoning Cost: 2

Element: Order

Usually peaceful. when aggravated, Alpha Makas have a powerful bite and spiked tail causing high melee damage.

Makas can be found in plains and savannas.

Larger Makas, alphas are usually peaceful but will sometimes attack they also spar with each other alot. alphas makas will protect the rest of the herd, thus they make farming Makas tricky at times.

Can be lured and bred using vegetables (Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, etc.) .

Maka and Maka Alphas currently have 2 Uncommon Variants:

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